I'm new to Cloud 9/can't get program to run


I’m trying to run this multiplication table in a file window. I’m trying to run it in python 2 and it just gives me an error that it cannot find the file :

for i in range(1, 10):
print “i =”, i, “:”,
for j in range(1, 10):
print “{:2d}”.format(i * j),

bash: line 1: A.Garcia - Assignment#2: command not found

Process exited with code: 127


indentation was lost on the post


I believe my problem is operator error but I don’t know how to fix it?


When posting code in the forum, use 3 backticks to open and close code blocks:

for i in range(1, 10):
    print "i =", i, ":",
    for j in range(1, 10):
        print "{:2d}".format(i * j),

If I copy the above code into my Python console it works. To run your python program try using python <program_path> command and make sure you are using the correct path.

Another way is to simply open the file in your editor and click the RUN button.


Thanks for the assistance and advice BigChief45!

Still no go. I get this: I believe you are right about the path.


The error is most likely due to the file’s name. It is better that you use lowercase letters for your file name and that you use a single word for it. If you need to use more words, separate them using underscores instead of spaces. For example:


Also make sure you add the .py extension to your Python programs.


You are the master BigChief45! That got it running! Now to fine tune.

Thanks again!

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