I'm looking to migrate from Nitrous.io. Can you guys help us through?


Is there a step-by-step guide? Has anyone done this before? Thanks


No step by step guide that I know of but I’d guess several have done it given the circumstances. I think these three guides should be especially helpful for getting your code onto Cloud9:

  1. Upload files into your workspace
  2. Connect Github/Bitbucket to clone from existing repos
  3. Connect Cloud9 to an existing server you have

If you come across specific issues for migration then it’d be great to have all related questions in one place (here).


Hi there,

I’ve uploaded my files from Nitrous.IO and all I can see in the preview is my index, all other ".php"s are not working.
Is there a right folder for them to be?
What is the best practice in root folders and structures in c9?
My actual directories structure looks like this:


and even index.php, which is shown, have all the links broken, why is this?

Is there a right place for me to put .htaccess file or something?