Ignore certain directory in "Navigate" panel


In my workspace, I have source and build directories.

The “navigate” is really usefull but it finds my file both in source and build directories leading to open wrong file when I am not careful :

I wish I can mark a directory as “excluded” so that it can be ignored by the “navigate” feature


You can add ignore patterns in project settings

adding /build to the list of ignore patterns should work


Great ! it works perferctly

Sorry I missed this option, I really did search, don’t know how I manage to miss it…

Thanks for your time !


I’ve been wanting to do the exact same thing, but the solution you mentioned here is not working for me.
I specified the file or folder path or name in the ignore settings and even restarted the workspace, but the navigate search isn’t excluding the things I specified.
Is there any other way?