Iframes don't work in c9?



Hi there, it looks like whatever URL I put in the iframe does not work. Is this a restriction that C9.io has?
My code is correct:



Is this happening in a separate preview tab or within a preview window in the IDE? If this is within the IDE, you may be running into issues as our proxy server uses a different URL (*.c9users.io) than the IDE (ide.c9.io); all https:// requests from previews within the IDE shouldn’t work. I’d recommend checking it in a separate preview window if you haven’t already.


I am not too sure what you mean by preview window in IDE or preview tab.
Basically it is this page that is not working: https://b2bride-jwong5.c9users.io/test/
I tried 2 of my other hosts (godaddy and media temple) and they show up, but using c9.io it does not show up.


Please visit http://b2bride-jwong5.c9users.io/test/ instead. The problem here is mixed content. The page in the iframe is most likely loaded over HTTP, while the parent page is loaded over HTTPS. Your browser blocks it because you would be loading insecure content into a secure page. The other fix is to load the iframe over HTTPS if that’s possible, which is even better for security.


Alternatively, you can also change the src of the iframe, removing the protocol so you’re just left with src="//www.frontstream.com" that way, the iframe will be loaded with whichever protocol (encrypted/not encrypted) the browser is using to view your page.

Worth pointing out however, that if the site should be encrypted, you should definitely do as @dannytech says.