If you want to migrate to AWS cloud9, read the limit first



  • You only can create 20 environments per IAM user.
  • 100 enviroments per AWS account

WTF? If you I have 50 environments , I need to create 3 IAM users for myself?
If I have 110 environments, I have to create 2 Amazon accounts and create 6 IAM users??

ARE YOU KIDDING? What do you think about , legacy C9 team?


another limit. before use AWS cloud9, you have to learn how to use EC2. how to use EC2 make your application access from internet on EC2.


I just want to use a IDE and easy to share with other people. I am not a sysadmin or DevOps engineer.



Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We understand your concerns and are working to see if there’s a good way to improve the functionality of AWS Cloud9 in this area.


The first rule of making changes is do no harm. The second is ask first. The third is listen to the replies when you ask.

Consider a developer who just wants to run an app using lambdas and dynamo. In that case, they don’t need to know anything at all about EC2, VPC, etc. That’s the whole point of serverless. This change to Cloud9 actually undermines serverless.

Rethink and redo please.