If there is a teacher or someone could send me an invite please.to make an account on cloud9


i am a student and need an account to practice my courses.
Can anyone send me an invite please it will be a gesture from him


what do you mean by invite? You can create an account right?


unfortunately i don’t have a credit card :disappointed:


Unfortunately, this is an issue many people have faced. While another user here could invite you to an Education plan, your account would be tied to that plan, not to mention they would be able to see and control all of your workspaces. In other words, that probably isn’t a good solution. The best solution for you would probably be to get a prepaid card from a store with a small amount on it and use that, since you can buy those with cash. Cloud9 doesn’t actually charge you for anything (though it may appear that they have charged you $1, but that’s just a card hold).


that’s really helpful thanks for this opnion