IDE's memory usage building up over time



First of all, I’d like to thank c9’s team for the service: I’ve been using it for some months now and it is great.

There is a little issue I encountered while using the IDE for long hours - and since I’m not sure if it might be something on my side, I listed as ‘support’ instead of ‘bug’.

Upon starting the IDE, it takes up a bit more than 220MB of RAM and everything goes smoothly.
After some long hours of usage (6+ hours, iirc), it reaches over 1GB of RAM used by the IDE’s tab alone, where it get sluggish and eventually crashes if I continue using without restarting.

I’m editing a single vanilla javascript project, with no more than 5 small (< 100KB) files open at once, along with two terminals.

Since I just restarted the page, I’ll keep working and will check the memory along the way.

This is the current usage, at 15:00 local time

I’m aware that a restart here and there will reset the memory usage, but I thought it would be worth to inform this behaviour and see if there is something else that could be done.

Thanks in advance.


if this happenns again, could you please run

apf.nameserver.lookup.all.language.getWorker(function(e, w) { w.terminate() })

in the browser console, and check if memory usage decreases after that.

The tern library we use for js completions, seems to be causing this for some js files, we have fixed several issues like this before, but there may be more.



It did release some memory, but not all of it, apparently.

This was the RAM usage at 16:16, local time, right before I ran the command you asked me to.


Since new users can only insert one image per post, I broke it down into two.

This one was collected after the worker termination was executed

Thanks so far.


In case it might help pinpoint the issue: even without editing a single line of code, the memory usage keeps increasing.


Interesting, this means the leak is in the main thread, and we have not heard about this before.

Do you have a terminal or output tab open with running application, and if yes have you increased the value of scrollback setting of the terminal?

If it is not the terminal. could you please try recording the allocation profile using chrome devtools

(click start, wait until memory usage increases, click stop, then right click on the entry and click save)


I’m aware some kind of memory leak problem. I’ve tested this with two computers both are Windows 10 64bit, Chrome latest stable client.

I’m using the latest Google Chrome client.

it’s very simple to reproduce, i have a NodeJS workspace, I’m starting the program, so the C9 IDE is running in the background chrome’s tab. After time about 1 or 2 hours later i usually go lunch, so i lock my computer ( Windows 10 64bit latest ).

Then come back about 10-20 min later and wake up my computer then i can see the Chrome memory usage is rising. About 3 or 4 hours later it will completely fills up my free memory 8 GB.

I hope you can do something with it, because every time have to check my memory usage after doing my daily work. It’s very frustrating to run out of memory because of that.

To fix this:
I have to activate my C9 IDE tab, then switch between the opened files and terminals. Then after time like 5-10 sec the memory usage going back to normal.