IDE-support for "using" in PHP



The single most annoyance in Cloud9 for me as a PHP developer is the fact that I have to skip up to the top and include a statement such as:

using Some\Namespace\Classname;

whenever I instantiate a class.

This should be fairly trivial to implement basic support for, and would make Cloud9 much more suitable for PHP development.

I understand that there are complexities such as it’s basically impossible for the IDE to understand the PHP autoloader and it can’t really know if that particular class is available in the current scope, but I believe the feature would be very welcome even if it suggests classes that are unavailable.


Hey there,

Currently not on our roadmap, but sure sounds like an interesting side-project :slightly_smiling:

The code for PHP syntax support is opensource and available in our SDK, maybe you could be the author of that awesome plugin? :blush: