IDE Occassionaly Freezes


Sometimes the IDE freezes. I can’t tell what causes it. It appears to be random but likely isn’t. I’m not able to click anything; I’m not able to even open the browser’s developer console to see if there are any errors. It started about a week ago. It happens about once a day. I notice it when my cursor leaves the window to look at a different browser tab and then returns. It never locks up while the IDE has focus.

To fix the issue I open the same workspace in a new tab and close the old tab.

I’m using Chrome 54 on Windows 10.


i recently noticed the same happening when debugger is stopped on a tab opened from ide.
When this happens do you have a preview tab opened in a debugger? Do you use preview running application or live preview html file?


I’ve seen it freeze when debugging in a preview too but the issue I’m describing is separate. It occurs without debugging in a preview though an application preview is open.


When this happens again could you try closing preview tabs to make sure it is something else.


I am having this problem as well. When it does happen the whole browser tab freezes up and the only thing I can do is refresh the page and wait for it to happen again in about 2 to 3 minutes. I even created a new instance and it had the same problem.


I’ve seen this as well, but just while I’m debugging. Any details you folks can provide that might help narrow down the cause would be great.


All I do is load up my workspace, hit run on the server, and minutes later the tab freezes.

My IDE is: