IDE has compatibility issues with Chrome plugin "Auto Text Expander"



I use the Chrome plugin “Auto Text Expander” to help with auto-completing strings of code I use frequently.

I’ve only just recently switched to Cloud9 - but I’ve noticed the IDE is not quite fully compatible with the plugin.

Normally, you type a unique trigger-word, and Auto Text Expander will immediately delete what you typed and replace/expand it with the programmed string. Simple. However, in the Cloud9 IDE, the trigger word does not get deleted - it just remains at the start of the expanded string. Also, Auto Text Expander does not even trigger until you’ve typed your trigger-word PLUS pressed an extra key (doesn’t matter which key in particular, you just need to press something else). Furthermore, this extra character then gets shunted down the expanded string and appears embedded towards the end. So you need to locate this extraneous character, manually delete it, then manually delete the trigger-word from the very beginning of the expanded text.

I haven’t experienced this behaviour anywhere else. I’ve used the codeanywhere IDE and had no issues there.

I appreciate this is stretching the definition of a “bug” but I’m not sure how else to categorise it, so I apologise in advance for that.

Thanks in advance for any fix that can be made for this.


I’m thinking you may want to reach out to the Auto Text Expander team for input on this. Cloud9 uses the Ace Editor ( instead of standard text fields; depending on their implementation, this could cause issues.

If you or they would like to test the editor out outside of Cloud9, you can do so at or here:



Thank you for your reply. I still get the same issue in the editor you linked to. I will reach out to the team at Auto Text Expander.