redirected you too many times



I have been using Cloud 9 for a few days now with the Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl and all of a sudden I am getting a error when I attempt to open my workspace: redirected you too many times.

Can anyone help me get my workspace open?

Thank you


Which browser do you use? Do you have any addons installed?
Sometimes something like this can happen if cookies are not allowed, or referrer headers are not set.


I use Opera currently I will check my cookies, but no add-ons on anything. What is a referrer header?


I had that issue, I cleared the cookies on my browser and it was resolved.


Cleared my cookies…still no luck.

Any additional solutions out there?


Try clearing your cache as well? If you have any other browsers or browsers with Incognito/Private Browsing modes, try using that as well.