Icons for File Type on open Tabs


The Folder and File Tree has different icons for html, javascript, css, php, etc. I am learning Angular at the moment and it is really more their fault, to be honest. The framework convention is to have a CSS, HTML, TypeScript and Test file for each component. The filenames end up being long as hell, for example add-user-info.component.html and add-user-info.component.css. Why the convention adds component i don’t know. Then you might have components with similar name because they are related, for example recipe-list.component.html and recipe-detail.component.html. When working on multiple files it quickly becomes a nightmare, especially when working on three files types that share the same beginning. The problem is that Angular names are too long to fit into the Tab on top of the editor. Yes, you can hover to get the full name, but it would be great it there was a logo, either when hovering, or just all the time. The logo in the file tree makes it easy on the eye to pick the right file. Again, I blame Angular for this crap. So far, I’m finding Angular to be annoying and miss React already, but that is another story…


Just wanted to suggest an alternative that you might find useful. First, go to the “Workspace” panel with the file tree. Then, click on the :gear:, and check “Show Open Files”. Now, all of the files you have open will be listed above the file tree, where there should be enough room to see the entire filename (and if there isn’t, you can just resize the “Workspace” panel).


awesome suggestion, i work with c9 everyday and didn’t know about that! im
sure there is plenty more i don’t know about too. i was looking into
making my own snippets, or designing a custom theme, but i couldn’t really
figure out the system for that stuff. i got into coding around 5 months
ago, and all i have is a chromebook, so cloud 9 has been AMAZING for me.
you guys really do a great job - and im sure i have only scratched the
surface of what i can do with c9.

thanks for the help,