I just want to confirm I am doing this right: Installing a package



So I was interested in installing a few javascript command line task managers like grunt, and bower to compile my Sass files. First question, are tools like grunt, bower, php, mysql already installed? Second, how much disk space do I start out with, this way I can determine what I should and should not install. Next question, on my Mac I would use npm install -g bower, what is the command in cloud nine, i tried “c9 install bower”, and it prompted me for my user name, typed it, password, typed it, and then it just cycled back to user name, and wouldn’t move forward. Last three questions, can I set up an angular project in cloud9, can I use Sass files and set up watchers and lastly can I use the Jquery library with my angular project in Cloud 9. Another words is there anything I can’t do.

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Use same commands you would use on any other ubuntu vm npm install -g bower sudo apt-get install php5 etc.
php and mysql will be installed if you choose php workspace type when creating the project.
c9 install is for installing cloud9 extension.
You can see available disk space in workspace stats popup at the top right


I’ve a Mac Terminal user so I’m use to Homebrew. Do I need to install node first for cloud 9? And in order to install apt-get, do I need to install ruby to retrieve its source code, or is Ruby installed already.


It is rather similar to mac terminal. apt-get is already installed.
To see if a program is installed run which <programname>.

Running which node and which ruby prints the paths where they are installed, so you do not need to install them again.

If you break something, deleting the workspace and creating a new one is very easy, so you can try running any command without asking if that will work :wink:


haha, awesome man, thank you! And that is good to know!!! I tend to break things lol

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