I installed karma using the node npm but its not starting from the shell script maybe the problem found in the karma.conf.js file or the shell file im not 100% sure!



Hi !
im learning angularjs and how to do unit testing using karma and jasmine test tools , i downloaded an angular-seed sample project from github here
i uploaded it to a new workspace in cloud9 and i installed nodejs and npm and installed karma and jasmine and run the shell file scripts/test.sh but i get this error saying : bash: /home/ubuntu/workspace/.c9/scripts/…/node_modules/karma/bin/karma: No such file or directory
and im stuck there , anyone can help me install it properly i think the problem is in the shell file test.sh here is its content : BASE_DIR=dirname $0

echo ""
echo "Starting Karma Server (http://karma-runner.github.io)"
echo “-------------------------------------------------------------------”

$BASE_DIR/…/node_modules/karma/bin/karma start BASE_DIR/../config/karma.conf.js *
i can invite anyone intersted to help please leave email or user name so i can invite you , thanks.
or just joint this session HERE