I have a problem. Please help me!


Command failed: /mnt/shared/sbin/tmux -C -u2 -L cloud92.2 new -s output-defaultApache-w-12-wPHP bash -l -c ‘trap ‘’‘printf “\e[01;30m\n\nProcess exited with code: $?\e[0m\n”’’’ EXIT printf ‘’’\033[1mStarting Apache httpd, serving \033[01;34mhttps://hywreorder-soodang.c9users.io/\033[00m.\033[m ‘’’ ; export XDEBUG_CONFIG=’’‘xdebug.remote_enable=1 idekey=cloud9ide remote_host=localhost remote_port=9000 remote_mode=req’’’; “run-apache2” ’ ; set -q -g status off ; set -q destroy-unattached off ; set -q mouse-select-pane on ; set -q set-titles on ; set -q quiet on ; set -q -g prefix C-b ; set -q -g default-terminal xterm-256color ; setw -q -g xterm-keys on ; set -q remain-on-exit on ; setw -q -g aggressive-resize on ; list-panes -F c9-pid#{pane_pid}- ; detach lost server

I get the above error. It happened suddenly.
I tried to resolve the error but it failed.
It happened before. So I made a new project.
I want to solve this problem repeatedly. I want you to tell me why and how to fix it.


what are you doing to get this error? on which workspace do you see it?


We have three work space in cloud 9 but we got trouble every time we made a new work space
so we remove the mysql history and some directories but that can’t solve this problem.


this answer doesn’t help to understand how to reproduce this problem, and which workspace to check.