I forgot my C9 account password, and when i demand to reset my password it shows this message in bellow



The same problem here. Also i didn’t receive my activation email, so I don’t have a password…


I have the same problem. didn’t receive the activation email to set the password, too…


Same… i cant login and reset my pw


Same thing, bro!

I didn’t got my activation mail either :frowning:


It’s really cool, I’m trying to log in for over 10 hours now and there is still now help from the support… actaully u cant even contact the support just in this community forum


I just tweeted to them. Hopefully that will wake the support. Cheers


Thanks, mate.

Hope they’ll come asap.


Thanks. I hope it will work soon…


Same Problem. I cannot login to my account as I forgot the password. and forgot password gives an error. Please help


You’re not alone, mate.


Guys, chill. I know it’s frustrating. But it’s weekend. I’m sure someone will check it on monday.


I’m really sorry about this. We rotated the security keys for our email sending account on Friday evening (not the best time to deploy changes :expressionless:) and unfortunately the new keys had a configuration issue which we didn’t notice which caused emails to stop sending. We’ve fixed this now and you can now reset your passwords and new account emails should be sent out correctly. We’ll also be adding an automated test for this to ensure we catch it in the future.

Please let me know if you have any further issues and I’ll help out.

Regards, Tim



i cant login to my C9 Account… I created it on my Laptop and then i tried to login on my PC and it says wrong Pasword or Username. Then i returned on my Laptop and there i was still logged in, so i tried to send a new Password and it said: “Error sending E-Mail, contact Support”. And also when im on my PC and try to reset the pasword it says “Error”.

Hope someone can help me.

Thanks guys!


I have the same problem. I can’t revieve e-mail to reset password. so I can’t login to my C9 Account.


same problem i can’t log in =(


I am having a same problem. Actually I don’t think I even forgot my password but since I could not log in I tried to reset my password. It never sent me an email to reset my password. I tried couple more times and it says ‘There was an error sending mail. This error has been logged, Please contact support if this keeps happening.’

Now if I try my password again. It says Too many failed login attempts in the last hour. Try logging in again in two hours.


I just tried to reset my pw and got the same error message. Then it said that I attempted request (of password reset) too many times and I have to revisit later.


It looks like this was solved at some point but this is happening again to me in the exact same manner. I know my password is correct but it started saying it was not. Then it locked me out for two hours and any attempt to reset it returns an error. Can you guys please advise?


This happened!

Just now…