I don't feel safe sharing my credit card for registration


Hello! I am a hobbyist and I want to use cloud 9 for hobby projects, however, I am unable to do this because of the registration step requiring a credit card. I looked into this and it apperantly it was added because there was abusive users that would use up cloud9’s resources. My hobby projects will barley take any processing power out of cloud 9’s server. If someone could lead me in the right direction to register without a credit card, that’d be really helpful. Thanks!


I am very confident in cloud9’s ability to keep your credit card information safe from hackers. As for using your credit card to charge you for abusive use, well than that’s up to you. If you say your project will not use the service for hosting, than you should have no issues with giving them your credit card.


I know this guy, we’re collaborating on multiple things. I can assure you he’s not going to abuse cloud9.

The reason he doesn’t feel comfortable is because he doesn’t own his own credit card, if that helps anyone.


Why not use a prepaid credit card?