I could not see app even there are no errors


I could see my app. before, but then I’ve changed
workspace and clone my app.- and now I could not see it…
Why could not see it if it was visible before? And I could
see it online…
the test came clean as below and I could deploy it earlier.
Please help me to see my app.

tatyana_pol:~/workspace/tatyana_app (master) $ bundle exec rake test

37/37: [===========================================================================================================] 100% Time: 00:00:06, Time: 00:00:06

Finished in 6.62011s
37 tests, 149 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors, 0 skips

tatyana_pol:~/workspace/tatyana_app (master) $ git push heroku
Everything up-to-date


Please disregard my previous post: I could see the app.