I can't share my workspace with my friend


I have legacy type of cloud9 account(not aws), and I want to share my workspace with my friend(I’m in paid plan). So I asked my friend to register cloud9.

But, currently new user redirects AWS(https://aws.amazon.com/cloud9/?origin=c9io), impossible to make an account of c9.io.
She made an account of AWS, but I couldn’t share my workspace with her.

It’s not cool. I hate aws. Why did you made cloud9 so awful?

Please tell me how to share my workspace with my friend as soon as possible.


General c9.io signups have been shut off. If you have a Team account, you can invite her to the service; otherwise, you’ll want to use AWS Cloud9 for collaboration.


If I’m at the pro subscription level, can I still upgrade to the Team account level? (I don’t see where)
Will current c9.io accounts/subscriptions expire in a year (or so) and we’ll all be forced over to AWS version?