I can't run project and terminal doesn't work


I can’t run project (see screenshot: “Command failed…” when I press button “Run project”), and terminal totally doesn’t work (not active). Literally, I can’t do anything with my machine (I can only download/upload files). How can I recover my workspace/machine?


update june 2017: now restarting workspace will help in most cases, but if it doesn’t or you have ssh workspace try the steps bellow

This may be caused by missing /tmp directory, open new immediate window, and select bash in its lower right corner.
after that run ls -la tmp

sudo mkdir -p /tmp
sudo chmod 777 /tmp

if the above doesn’t help contact support@c9.io, and tell your projects url

/tmp deleted - Terminal not loading

harutyun, thank You very much,it works! (I think, I’ve deleted this directory when try to clean my worspace (disk quota was reached))