I can't make the git UI push to my repo



I understand that the git UI is experimental, but I was wondering if anyone has had any luck making it work. It seems that Add works (I see the changed files in the log view). When I commit the changed files disappear from the log, and when I push nothing seems to happen. Going back to the command line it seems as though everything has worked correctly (git add shows no changes). But there is no new commit in the git repository. Any ideas?



Thanks for writing in. I wanted to break this down a little bit. Can you check the terminal at each step of the process to see if the Git UI is doing all the operations, and if an operation fails, which one is it specifically? Any screenshots about the errors / process would also help greatly.




I’m not sure what you mean by the terminal. I don’t see any git commands being run anywhere. All I see is that when I select Add that the file appears in the “Files Stages for Commit” list, and when I commit it disappears. Push doesn’t seem to do anything.


I don’t see the files staged for commit move out at all when I try to push. I’ve also been unable to find any kind of documentation on this feature. The tree is nice and works with the commits and pushes I do from the CLI, and the diff back through versions is useful.

It’s just missing that last critical bit to be a slick feature.

And to answer @mutahhir - there seems to be no connection between the IDE interface and the CLI. I have to do a git add and git commit, even though the files are clearly in the “STAGED FOR COMMIT” in the interface. Once I do a push, I can change tabs, change back, and the new repo status is correctly reflected in the IDE interface. As I say – it’s almost there! :+1:


Has anybody gotten this working, or is it just entirely broken?


I can’t make it work. Doesn’t mean someone else can’t though.