I can not open more than one tab in cloud9


The problem is that when I click on a file the natural is to open a window of this file so that I can cofy. Then if I click on another file it is natural to open a new tab. Thus two tabs were opened and so on. My problem is that every time I click on a file this file opens and another file closes. That is, I can not get multiple tabs (windows) open. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Please!!!


Looks like you have enabled preview files setting (or activated sublime mode)
When tis setting is enabled, single click open the file in preview mode, double click will open the file in normal mode.


Thank you harutyun! I could not find where to disable this setting. But there’s no problem. The important thing is that at least I’m able to open the tabs with the double click. Thank you so much.


it is the enable preview on navigation in user settings