I am new to C9 seeking advice


I just opened my c9 account. I am teaching some introductory programming in the high school in the US. I created a workspace for python called test-project and when it opens there is a root folder in the tree with the same name. I am guessing this is the way it works.

  1. Should I be creating a new workspace for each project I give the students or just have a “Python-Projects” workspace and create all the files there?

  2. Should the single file projects (simple assignments) be stored at the root of the project folder or int he ex50 folder? or does it even matter?

  3. When we get to multiple file assignments, should I create folders to store the files in? and should the folder be under the root or the ex50 folder?

  4. How do I gain access to student files directly in c9? Best practices…

  5. With the education plan, I get 1 private workspace and the rest are public. What is the difference? Who can access my public workspaces?

6) How do I shutdown my workspace? or don’t I have to? Where is logout when in workspace?

Thanks, in advance, for taking the time to help a newbie.



hey my honest advice would be DONT USE C9! sooner your account will be blocked and you will lose important data on it and they wont respond thats what happened to me they wont give you a reason just simply block you and throw you like a trash they wont even give backup of your data.