Huge Thankyou to Cloud9


Im just trying to give huge props to Cloud9! Cloud9 is the best IDE Online period. Dont even try to compare nobodys like,, and others… Those mentioned you need to pay but cloud9 you dont even have to, and it still provides Excellent service! I just want to say thanks. Thankyou SO Much, for making this possible!

Dont ever quit with this service! Continue on, and make people love coding again! Again Thanks!!! You guys will just make the world more advanced in technology!!


Thanks so much for sharing this! It means a lot to everybody at Cloud9! :sunny:


No problem… This is an astonishing project you guys got going on!! :smiley:


I agree with @amanuelhi, the work you provided the few last years is gigantic! I found cloud9 slow and buggy when I discovered it in 2011. I just re-discovered it few weeks ago and I’m in LOVE ! :heart_eyes:
The shell that give direct access to the system, the good editor, the collaboration features, it’s really a very very good IDE now (still a bit buggy sometimes XD). I bootstraped a project in 3 minutes, I gone from nothing to having a site available on internet, that I could edit anywhere! It really helped me to get back coding on my side projects.

Thank you Cloud9, your work is amazing!

Cloud9 vs. Koding Comparison

Agree wth @amanuelhi Cloud9 is obviously the best IDE… Its very fast, thats the key thing about it. I just wish they could do java applets, but Cloud9 Is by far the best IDE!


was a big user of vagrant … local dev … and now I only use for all my dev work … It’s incredibly fast for creating a new machine.

Thanks to all the staff behind