HTTPD server very slow for last half hour


I’m trying to test a very simple page (3 files, including the 12-line HTML page itself, which’s only 171b) on the default server HTTP server (Run button) in a workspace, and these 3 files are typically taking 20 to 30 seconds to load. I’ve attached a screenshot of one of these loading sequences taken from the Net console in Firebug (Firefox/Win 38.6.1). This shows the HTML page taking 9.84s, a 622b CSS file taking 20.02s, and a 115.3K JS file taking 13.95s, for a loading time to onload event of 30.12 seconds.


Here’s another screenshot just to try showing that the load times for each file don’t seem consistent from one load to the next, or to bear much relationship to their size. Here the HTML file is taking the longest at 10.32s, for a total load of about 19.3s.



Hmm, can you paste the url where you’re seeing this so we can investigate?




Hi, Mutahir,

This’s the page I was testing. I don’t keep the server for it running 24/7, so it may well not be live when you look:

[ URL removed, as after a whole week I’ve gotten no feedback at all on the problem from Cloud9 staff, and I plan to keep working on and probably restructure my files here. Please email me if you need more specific info than I’ve already provided. ]

Also, I’m not noticing those issues yet today.



After some initial testing today, where the entire page (all 3 files) was now loading in about the 600ms range, I’ve also just added a few lines to the head section of the html file, which’s now 20 lines long. The net console shows it’s file size now as 310B. I don’t think any of that should have much effect on the loading time, but if you’re interested in seeing the former markup, please let me know, thanks.


Hi Mutahhir,

Any luck with that? Or is it something you can’t readily follow up on?

I’d like to keep working on these pages, and may make more changes to them soon. Can you trace whatever you’d be looking for just by looking in your log files?