HTTP CONNECT request unavailable



I want to implement a proxy server but the server cannot receive CONNECT request
I’ve used http module to create the server (code below is just for testing the method capability):

require("http").createServer((req, res) =>{
}).listen(process.env.PORT || 8080, process.env.IP);

which is started normally (hosted at
it can receive most http request (GET, POST, HEAD, etc.) except CONNECT
I’ve always been receiving 302 found from c9 but the programme console didn’t show anything, it’s just like the c9 forward proxy intercepting the request from remote (yeah, a connection can be made if it’s also inside the programme, targeted to localhost)

I’m glad to know what the causes of the programme not receiving any remote CONNECT request, feel free to ask if you want more information, any help would be appreciated. =D