Http:// categorized as Phishing site!?


Today I first time I faced a problem accessing my server on Cloud9 by using
It is apperared to be blocked by BlueCoat Site Review team becaseu is classified as phishing site :frowning2:

Can someone from Technical Support solve this issue?


Experiencing the same issue


Because there have been reports of users hosting phishing sites in their application previews, some people block the entire domain. Whenever we receive a report like this, we take down the site and block the user.

If this is causing issues for you, please consider requesting the service that is blocking it to put it on their whitelist (or report any phishing instances to us). If this is not possible, you may workaround this by deploying your app to Heroku or another similar hosting service for quick testing and previews of your app.


Thank you, Brady! I sent a requets to company which categorized your host
as phishing and they have already reviewed it successfully and categorized
it as WebHosting


I just created one post related to this, Should there be a way for non-C9 user to report phishing site hosted on C9 domain.