HTML files won't preview



Every time I try to view an HTML file, I get a 404 Page Not Found error. This happens whether I click Preview or Run, and it doesn’t matter how long I wait for it to load, how many times I refresh, where the file is saved, what the contents of the file is, or if I click the box to view it in the browser. I get a 404 every time, no matter what.

How do I fix this?


Click on the link in the Run Configuration, that looks like, or copy it into the preview.


Thanks, but I already tried that and it doesn’t work. In that case I get a regular old (not C9-styled) Not Found page. It says “The requested URL /~/course_200/lessons/hello.html was not found on this server.”

Any other thoughts? :\


where did you put the course_200 folder? I think it needs to be inside workspace for the preview to work


Thank you! I read every topic I could find on this issue, here and elsewhere, and none mentioned this simple fix. The folder was originally on the same level as workspace, but now that it’s nested in workspace the preview works.