.htaccess for https sites different - reason not working



I have a .htaccess file that has been working on live websites that I manage and on a localhost server at our HQ.

I have uploaded the file and the current PHP/JS/MYSQL project to Cloud9 to take advantage of some of the great features here. Principally Nodejs and the https.

The code seems to work OK without the .htaccess but as soon as the file is enabled the code fails.

I have to assume that the .htaccess is the problem and the problem is the difference between https and http.

I have changed all the http: references/redirects to https: but this doesn’t seem to fix the problem.

Most of the Redirects in the .htaccess file are critical to operation as they redirect to php pre-processing.


After several hours of trial and error (commenting out lines and running) I have found the line causing the 500 error.

Header append Vary User-Agent env=!dont-vary

From which I must assume that Cloud9 servers do not have mod_headers.c enabled.