How2 run app of js, css, index.html that is not in the workspace root?


I’ve got a simple app of some javaScript, css and index.html that is located a few folders down from the root/workspace. When I click the Run button, Run looks for the files in the workspace folder off of root, and therefore, I get this message.

In the console, I can clumsily click the URL, or cut and paste correct URL into a browser web page, and get to what I want, but, but its not elegant that way. Is there a way to get the “Run” button to target the index.html in a folder down a couple levels??


Sure, if using apache, modify it’s config file /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/001-cloud9.conf on line 2: DocumentRoot. Simply append to the path the location of your site. Then start/restart if it’s already running.