How to use google page speed with c9 link?



I have a project on cloud9. I try to see page speed of my project on google page speed but I can’t. Because when I write cloud9 preview link on google page speed, it only sees cloud9 project opening page. I can’t click on “open app” button. So google page speed can’t reach my project without skip this step. How can I solve that? Thanks.


I know that it’s possible to set a cookie to bypass the page, but I don’t think you can set cookies using Google’s page speed. That said, testing page speeds on Cloud9 isn’t really the best idea. The way Cloud9 is built means that you will get vastly different speeds in development than in production. First of all, workspaces don’t necessarily provide you with as good performance as a dedicated server. They also use an HTTP proxy, which drastically changes timing. In addition, testing page load speed in a development environment is generally just a bad idea since in most cases it’s not the same as the production environment. If you want to do performance testing, you can install profiling tools and test the speed of your HTTP server using localhost (which will give you the speed of your server far more accurately).