How to use C9 with Acquia Cloud


Hi guys,

I’m using C9 connecting to an Acquia Cloud application and works very well. What I did is:

Acquia Cloud Side

  1. Set my DEV environment to live development mode
  2. Add the C9 ssh key.
  3. SSH into the server and install C9:
  4. Run echo 'export PATH=$HOME/.c9/node/bin:$PATH' >> ~/.bashrc
  5. Run . ~/.bashrc
  6. Check if we are using our local node running: which node

C9 Side

  1. Copy the user and host of the Acquia cloud DEV server
  2. Create a new Remote SSH workspace and use the user and host from Acquia server
  3. Set the inital path to ~/dev/livedev/docroot
  4. Open the workspace



Also - trick for old players - you may encounter SSH key errors with Acquia if you’ve been with C9 for a while, as Acquia requires a 4096 bit SSH key, but you can email to get yours updated if you need to.