How to use c9 to connect to a Raspberry Pi 2?


Hello, is it possible to connect C9 to a raspberry Pi 2?

Here is my Raspberry Pi 2 setup (so far):

I am using C9 to connect to a digital ocean domain (blogged here: and love C9.

It would be great to also use C9 to develop on my Raspberry Pi 2.


The Beagleboard has a Cloud9 tutorial and I think that just uses the normal Cloud9 SDK installation to do local development on the device. The downside of this is that you lose the collaboration and cloud functionality that you normally get from Cloud9.

It also may be possible for you to setup an SSH workspace with your Pi. Of course, you’ll need a public IP address for your Pi so that makes this unlikely but it’s possible nonetheless.


Thanks, I’ll port forward the IP:port in my router and give it a go.