How to upgrade to PHP7


Thank you, I upgraded PHP5 to PHP7 with the help of your comment.


This article is not ok, because apache still keeps using the older version of PHP


This is what i get :

 $ phpbrew install 7.0 +default
===> phpbrew will now build 7.0.24
===> Loading and resolving variants...
Downloading via curl extension
[==================================================================] 184.00/184.00B 100%
Redirecting to
Redirecting to
[==================================================================] 13.95/13.95MB 100%
===> Extracting /home/ubuntu/.phpbrew/distfiles/php-7.0.24.tar.bz2 to /home/ubuntu/.phpbrew/build/tmp.1508371882/php-7.0.24
===> Moving /home/ubuntu/.phpbrew/build/tmp.1508371882/php-7.0.24 to /home/ubuntu/.phpbrew/build/php-7.0.24
===> Checking patches...
Checking patch for replace apache php module name with custom version name
===> Configuring 7.0.24...

Use tail command to see what's going on:
   $ tail -F /home/ubuntu/.phpbrew/build/php-7.0.24/build.log

Error: Configure failed:
The last 5 lines in the log file:
checking for cURL in multiarch path... not found

./configure: line 410: test: please: integer expression expected

configure: error: reinstall

./configure: line 299: return: please: numeric argument required

./configure: line 309: exit: please: numeric argument required

Please checkout the build log file for more details:
         tail /home/ubuntu/.phpbrew/build/php-7.0.24/build.log


For anyone still needing to upgrade to PHP7. I wrote a bash script to make the process painless. Below is a link to the scripts GitHub page. All you need to do is run 3 commands in the terminal and you’re upgraded.



It would be great if you could make it update to PHP 7.2 :slight_smile: But this was awesome. Thank you.


It would be great if you guys updated this for the latest version of PHP as this did not work for me.


No promises, if I get some time I’ll give it a whirl. If you do it, please fork though github and do a pull request with the new code. So others can use it. Glad it helped none the less.