How to upgrade emacs 24.3.1 to 24.4


Hi, workspace come with pre-installed emacs 24.3.1, but I would need to upgrade this emacs to 24.4 (because spacemacs requires minimum this version)
I tried all kind of things with no success. I can also install new emacs, but system will still use pre-installed emacs 24.3.1. I tried all solutions found on ubuntu forums, stackoverfrow, etc., tried to uninstall emacs 24.3.1, etc. but it is somehow burned into machine…

Do somebody know how to upgrade “system” emacs to 24.4 ?

Thanks in advance for any hint.


Why run emacs if you can use Cloud9?


I was able to upgrade to emacs 24.5.1 on my c9 workspace by simply running this script:


why use cloud9 (as editor) if you have emacs :slight_smile:


YES! Thank you so much for link to this script!


cloud9 and spacemacs could be the peanut butter and chocolate of computing.