How to update Node.js



Does Cloud9 support Node.js v5? If so, how do I upgrade my workspace environment to use a newer version of Node?

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Your Cloud9 hosted workspace comes with nvm preinstalled so installing and using different versions of Node.js is very easy.

How to install a Node.js version

Say you want to install Node v6.9.1 you would write on the terminal:

nvm install 6

It’s that simple :slight_smile:

How to change Node.js versions

If you have multiple versions of Node.js installed on your workspace, you can switch to a specific version by writing:

nvm use 0.10.40

Making a node version default

In order to set a default version of node for your workspace, just type:

nvm alias default 6

Where 6 was the version you wanted to be used as default.


Thanks! That worked. I had set a bash_profile which was preventing me from using nvm.


Nice, just what I was looking for. Also works for latest Node.js v6.4.0. Thanks Brady!


the x5 ver update command:
curl -sL | sudo bash -
sudo apt-get install nodejs


@yahiakemari, you can just do:

nvm install 6.9.2
nvm alias default 6.9.2

For whatever version you want to use, rather than adding the nodesource repo (that will save you disk space and time).


I did this, and it worked but now nodemon doesn’t work. It now says bash: nodemon: command not found

How do I fix this?


type node -v and check the version…

for some reason, Cloud 9 is reverting node back to 4.7.3 in my case

How can node 6 be made permanent?


@netomarchiori did you run nvm alias default <version> command as suggested by ryanpcmcquen?
@melaniecarr23 when you install new version of node via nvm it starts with fresh global node_modules folder, you need to install nodemon again


yes i did, but i have to run it every time the environment is restarted. is there any way to make it run automatically when the environment restarts?


what do you see when running nvm ls?


i see

->      v6.11.0
default -> 6 (-> v6.11.0)
node -> stable (-> v6.11.0) (default)
stable -> 6.11 (-> v6.11.0) (default)
iojs -> N/A (default)

uninstalling 4.7.3 would work?


that looks correct, i don’t see why it would revert to 4 after restart.
Uninstalling 4 seems like a good idea, please let me know if the problem persists after that.


I am experiencing the same issue as netomarchiori. My default is set to 8.1 but the version of node at startup is always 4.7.3


I get this error when I run nvm install 6
bash: nvm: command not found


I received this error
bash: nvm: command not found


This worked. Thank you …


Thanks, it works, safe me a lot of time to get it done