How to troubleshoot a frozen application preview


Hi. I am new here and probably have a commonly asked question. I could not find it in the search though.

I created a workspace based on Getting Started with AngularJS
This works fine for me.

I modified it to mimic the London and Paris example of
placing four files in the angular-seed/app folder.

When I preview this as a running application, the entire workspace becomes non responsive. My guess is that I “stepped” somewhere I should not have. I’ve tried a few modifications, but have had no luck.

Are there any logs available to me so that I can see what the issue is?


You should be able to use the browser console to see what’s going on there.


I’ll give that a try. Thanks.

Just a note, the entire IDE Workspace was not responding. I had to close the browser tab that it was in. This happened at least four times.


This could happen if your application is locking up the browser (and therefore the IDE tab). I’d suggest popping it out into a different tab to see if it’s caused by your application or not. Make sure to open the browser console in that separate tab and in the IDE tab to see errors in both. Any errors that look like they might be related to the IDE can be reported here via screenshot :thumbsup: