How to test a personal API running on Cloud9



Hi to everyone, i’m a newbie with Node.js application and i want to know i could test a personal API that i created with Mongoose.

I add manually a data into my mongo model by C9 console, but i want try to get the information from outside of the C9 environment. It’s possibile? I read that i could do this with “postman” application, but when i try to call my API (with a GET), the responce is the C9 login page.

My application is private… is that the problem?

I use this format for my request:

Where /public/languageDictionary is the route to use the API.

I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but i can’t find nothing that could help me on google.


Yes, the problem is that it is private. A simple fix might be to look in the cookies you have on Cloud9, copy the session cookie, and send it with every request from Postman so that you are logged in for requests. Other than that, the only fix would be to make the running application public, which hopefully isn’t a problem for you.


Thank you very much. With public workspace seem it work. I will try with the cookie instead!