How to share a new terminal window?



When I open a new terminal window the student that I’m sharing the workspace with can rarely see the terminal window. Is there a way to force it to be shared?


Here’s the answer which I found reading through other posts.
All tabs are ‘shared’ with your collaborators, but tabs are not necessarily open in the collaborator’s workspace.
Tell them to open the Collaborate tab on the right, then have them click the triangle to the left of your name, then have them double click on the tab name you want them to open.


I’m having this same issue. I tested it with a student yesterday, and she was unable to see the terminal window even after clicking it on the collaborator tab. Am I doing something wrong? I had her setup as read-only. Do I need to give her write access to view my terminal? What I want is to be able to demonstrate Linux commands and Bash scripts without any student interaction (other than chatting on the side).


The only thing that seems to help is to have a terminal window open in your workspace before other people open the shared workspace.