How to setup WPHC (Wordpress Hybrid Client)



Did anybody succeed in setting up WPHC (Wordpress Hybrid Client) (httm://

I actually succeeded ones a few days ago but now I can’t get it to work again. (Deleted the workspace and I have no docs on the setup-process I followed.

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What errors / issues are you seeing when using it?


Hi Tim,

I get a whole bunch of errors and warnings if I follow the setup that is in the docs of WPHC. Julien Renaux created a repo and a setup-procedure so that automatically all necessary frameworks/plugins are installed.
For your info, when I got it to work on C9 I didn’t follow this setup-procedure…however I didn’t make notice of all my steps and now I can’t reproduce them.
I would really like to see together how we can make it work again (since I’ve seen it working!!!)

Before going into details I have the following questions.
This WPHC-repo uses weppack devserver to run the ionic app. Is it possible on C9 to work with weppack devserver? Are there documents available?

I’m 100% sure that my working setup didn’t use the weppack devserver so I’m wondering now whether I should try to get the prescribed setup procedure working or abandon that and try the way (as I did before).

Thx for your support!



I haven’t tried webpack devserver on Cloud9 but I don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t work. I found where @mvhenten gives a command that worked for him.

We don’t have any documentation on how to get it up and running. I presume you’d set it up in the same way you would running it on any other server.


Hi Tim,

Just to let you know that I have the WPHC up and running in my C9 workspace.
To test the app I don’t use the webpack way but did the following:

After finishing the installation procedure(in of the WPHC (gave al lot of warn and a few errors) these commands did the job
npm install -g cordova ionic
ionic serve -p $PORT --nolivereload

App can be viewed on C9 browser but better way seems to view in chrome with Ripple-emulator.
I’m planning to reproduce all this a few times together with some git pushes. If that goes well I’m off to step two and that is to setup the Android SDK and build an APK-file.

If that all goes well …real developing can begin!!

Thx for the support!