How to setup Abot on C9



#how-to setup Abot on C9

Simply clone this repo:

  1. Go to my Abot Trial workspacepage and click the Clone button:

  2. Make sure posgresql server is running with:
    sudo service postgresql restart

  3. Run: abot server

  • If this doesn’t work try the setup script again and see what fails:
    1. cd $GOPATH/src/
    2. cmd/ postgres:newPSQLpass@

###or Setup Abot on a blank C9 Workspace:

  1. Create a new C9 Workspace and just choose the “Blank” ubuntu template.

  2. Follow setup on itsabot/abot. See the robfig/Glock ReadMe.

  3. go get

  4. cd $GOPATH/src/

  5. go get <-- this may be extra

  6. Set $GOROOT for non standard Go install paths. See Go-lang docs:

  7. Use which go to see where go is installed on your workspace.

  8. export GOROOT=/opt/go

  9. export PATH=$PATH:$GOROOT/bin

  10. Need to set Glock binary path with export PATH=$PATH:/home/ubuntu/workspace/bin/ or better yet append this to the end of your ~/.bashrc

  11. Upgrade posgresql to version 9.5:

  12. Download this postgres upgrade script:

  13. Run the upgrade script:
    sudo bash

  14. Change the pg_hba.conf postgres user settings to md5 and restart the server.

  15. Alter the postgres user password to a custom password:

  16. sudo su - postgres

  17. psql

  18. ALTER USER "postgres" WITH PASSWORD "new_password";

  19. \q

  20. exit

  21. Run the abot cmd/ script:

  22. cd $GOPATH/src/

  23. cmd/ postgres:newPSQLpass@
    “newPSQLpass” is the new password you set for the postgres database user in that step above ^.

That should do it. More verbose guide to come! :smile: :cloud: : :robot:

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