How to set up sass partials with cloud 9



Generally you can add a _ at the beginning of a file to tell sass not to output a css watcher file on it. With Cloud 9 you don’t have to type sass --watch:cc. Instead you can go to run and click on “Automatically build supported files” and it will create a css for each sass file made. When I do create a sass file, with “Automatically build supported files” on, and when I add a _ at the beginning of the file name, saying do not make a css watcher file for this file, cloud 9 still creates a watcher file. How can I get the _ to work with Cloud 9’s “Automatically build supported files” feature?

  • Seth


I’m having the same issue, would love to know if someone has an answer.


Did either of you find out how to do this? It would help me as well.