How to select WordPress or Drupal icon to work?


I would like to create WordPress or Drupal app but I could not find icons indicating WordPress or Drupal…
How to work on WordPress or Drupal project?


Here is the guide for getting started with Drupal and this should do it for getting started with Wordpress.


I could not find any icons as WordPress or Drupal to select when I on dashboard (see file attached). So, I’ve remember that they were present initially. Please restore the initial version with those icons.thanks.


If you’re trying to create a new workspace that is Wordpress or Drupal based, you’ll have to click “Create a new workspace,” where the workspace type options are available.


I would be able to create new workspace clicking on Wordpress, but I could not find workspace Drupal… Is it exist?thanks.


I don’t believe it exists, no, only Wordpress. You should be able to just set up a new Blank workspace and set up Drupal, though.


I could not create Drupal follow your direction “guide for getting started with Drupal” .
I’ve tried Drupal8 and Drupal7 but it could not proceed.
Therefore, I assume that I could not use Drupal on cloud9.


You are correct. No Drupal on Cloud9