How to run two MEAN stack workspace simultaneously



I’ve got a few cloud9 workspaces, but I’d like to work with someone on developing my site and don’t want to share the same workspace (that’s a pain, with all the window resizing and stuff), and I want to be able to tell which changes came from me vs. him.

How can I run my workspace without conflicting with him running that workspace? I need simple, plain english, baby-step answers as I’m not great at this stuff.


Ok, so from the terminal I typed PORT=8081, and my app is running on that port. Is there any conflict with running mongodb from both workspaces? If so, how do I resolve that?


I’m not sure why you think that you need two workspaces. Cloud9 saves window sizes on a per-user basis and highlights code changes to show who made them. To test this, have your friend login with their account and make some changes, and you should see a different color underline for the changes they made.


That may be the problem. I was logged in with the same account on two
computers (bad idea), so my son would resize and mess me up.