How To Run Docker container for HTML work space inorder to migrate C9 workspace to local computer?

Hello Team,

We are trying to migrate the C9 workspace on to Local computer. Following is the link which we have followed till now. For that, I downloaded my project using workspace image option. Now we are trying to run docker container for HTML project using Docker ToolBox. Here is the command which we have used,

docker run --privileged -e "IP=" -e "PORT=8080" --name myc9ws --mount type=bind,source="$(pwd)"/home/workspace,target=/var/www/html -d -t -p 5050:5050 -p 8080-8082:8080-8082 cloud9/ws-html5

Container status showing as running. but I didn’t get my HTML Project while hitting the URL in the browser. .

How could I access the workspace(dashboard)?

I am new to C9. so, Can you please suggest(any preferable links) regarding on what might be the exact paths(source, target) we should give at mount options for HTML workspace with an example?

Is it the workspace image option right for downloading the C9 workspace?