How to remove application preview from search engine results


Hello people,

First of all, I apologize for asking so much questions on this forum. I’m a complete newbie. Since I made a website, by Wordpress, for a school project and a famous brand I got a message from the brand that they could find the site by google, only using some tag words.

They asked me to delete this site. After the message I went to my workspace and deleted the project. But when I google it, the site isn’t deleted.

Can someon please help me, after this question I won’t disturb you guys anymore!

Thank you all.


You can delete the files on Cloud9 but if google has cached the files, it may take some time before they expire and are removed.

To delete the workspace, simply go to your dashboard, click the project title, click the gear on the right, then scroll down and hit delete.


Hey @PaulHeijligers :slightly_smiling:,

Asking lots of questions is a good thing. That’s what the forum and community are here for.

If you deleted the C9 workspace you created the Wordpress website in then it should be offline. However Cloud 9 isn’t built for hosting websites, so do you know if you deployed it onto another server like Godaddy or DigitalOcean for example? If so, you’ll have to turn off/delete your server wherever it’s being hosted.

Also note that Google may still be showing it in search results even if the website is offline already.