How to preview your application in the second window?


I know this is probably a really simple question with a really simple answer, but I’m new to cloud 9 and can’t quite figure out how to preview my application in a second window while editing the css. Is there something I’m missing here? Thank you.


No problem @sophietelz :grinning:

It’s a little different depending on how you’re trying to run it. If you run it from a command in the terminal, something to start your server like this in django for example python ./ runserver $IP:$PORT, then you’ll get a little window that pops up if the server started in a C9 friendly way:

Cloud 9 IDE preview workshop

Or if you’re previewing a static file, you go to “Preview -> Live Preview Files”:

Hope this helps. :innocent:

The server might be running on a different port; make sure it's on port $PORT with $IP as the IP address
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