How to "point" my browser


In the lessons I’m doing on Cloud9, it gives reference to an outside reference for further reading, and says to “point” my browser to the link it provides, but when I copy/past it into the address bar, it keeps saying “file not found”. Am I doing this wrong? How do you “point” a browser?


“Point” is just a way of saying, “Navigate to this page.” If you could provide us with the link that is giving you the error, we might be able to help.




The problem here is that file:// refers to the local computer, and not Cloud9. Therefore, I would suggest using the Cloud9 runners to serve your workspace directory, and go to Alternatively, you may be able to view it using c9 open ~/.nvm/versions/node/v4.6.1/lib/node_modules/learnyounode/node_apidoc/net.html


I used the c9 open method, and it opens the file, but it’s’ just HTML. How would I run the HTML file from cloud9?


While the file pane is selected, click Preview (at the top), and Live Preview File


Hmm…it’s giving a 404 error.