How to open closed Run Terminal with working app?


If the Run terminal is closed by some reason (for example, when I work in 2 brouser windows and close the window with that terminal) I can’t find how to open that terminal for work with it. I may open new one and start another copy of application (I work with Meteor), but the previous copy will be working also and it is not sutable.


How did you solve this?


You could try opening this with control+esc (on macOS). This will open up the Cloud9 “console” which is the bottom panel of tabs. This normally includes the run panel.


With my Windows 10 + Chrome the combination of control+esc just opens Windows Start Menu. So in that case I use command
kill -9 `ps ax | grep node | grep meteor | awk '{print $1}'
to stop running meteor and then start new one.


You can use view>console menu item, togleconsole command from commands panel, or use keybindings editor in preferences panel to change the shortcut.

Also Note that crontol-esc is keybinding for mac, other platforms use F6.


Yes, I may open Console by those keys, but if Run Terminal closed before closing console (or if it was not in Console but in Pane), this not helps.