How to mimic the c9 environment on a local machine


I am curious to see if I can mimic how the c9 workspaces work by creating vms that are based on a single base vm but any software installed in the base would affect all the vms.

How would one do with with virtualbox and ubuntu server?

Right now, I have a base image that I just clone any time I want to create another workspace but each new workspace consumes the space on the disk of the entire vm. New full clones each time. I have found that vbox can do linked clones but then the base vm will still work on it’s own, updating the snapshot as it goes.

What if I created a vm with two vdisks where the consistent root directories live on one and the config files and user data live on the other?


In virtualbox it would be a bit of a pain.

Our workspaces use docker images and most of them are publicly available, you can run docker run --rm -it cloud9/ws-default to run the default workspace. On our platform also pulls a copy of our cloud9/shared docker image and mounts some directories in /mnt/shared and /nix as well, mostly for utilities the IDE itself is using however


LXC containers! -